What is the Get RIPPED! program?

Get RIPPED! is the critically acclaimed and best selling total body workout system designed to maximize fat loss, burn calories and sculpt lean muscle. Created by certified personal trainer and fitness expert, Jari Love, in collaboration with a team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists, this high-rep, low weight work-out program has been clinically proven to burn up to three times the calories of a traditional weight training program. Accessible, modifiable, progressive and fun, each of the five phases of Get RIPPED! has been scientifically designed and evaluated, featuring only the safest and most effective lab-tested exercises. With a focus on compound exercises, the Get RIPPED! program incorporates free weights, weight bars, athletic steps and plyometric training.

Because it works. The Get RIPPED! program is a trusted brand with over a million DVD’s sold, packed classes, and countless weight loss testimonials. Certified Get RIPPED! instructors, will learn the moves and the methodology behind this results-proven and scientifically based work-out as well as the choreography, music and teaching tips—everything needed to become a successful Get RIPPED! Instructor.

The Get RIPPED! program will give your clients the results they are looking for and will keep them coming back for more. Get paid to Get RIPPED! today.

You can become a certified Get RIPPED! instructor by attending a 1-day Instructor Certification Training Workshop. Both theory and practical components of this Basic module will be covered. Registrants will learn the Compound Phase of the Get RIPPED! program instructor exclusive 96-1 and 96-2. Upon completion of the 1-day training, instructors will be ready to start teaching Get RIPPED!


Canfitpro, AFAA, ACE certification or any other recognized fitness instructor training program is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Attendees Receive:

  • 8 hour Training
  • Manual
  • RIPPED! 96-1 Download
  • RIPPED! 96-2 Download
  • RIPPED! 96-1 Music CD
  • RIPPED! 96-2 Music CD
  • RIPPED! 96-1 & 96-2 Choreography Notes
  • Canfitpro CEC’s
  • Certificate of Completion


Rate Description           Details                                         Cost

Group rate                              10 or more attendees                                    $200

Early bird rate                        Up to 15 days prior to training date            $225

Regular rate                            Up to 1 day prior to training date                $250

Walk-in rate                            If space available                                            $300

Exclusive to certified Get RIPPED! Instructors. The Get Ripped Academy offers the essential tools and resources to help build and sustain a successful Get RIPPED! business.

Benefits Include:

  • Quarterly releases complete with music, training DVD and choreography
  • Instructor tips and modifications for each release
  • Marketing and promotional support
  • 25% discount off all Get RIPPED! products and apparel
  • Priority directory listings

Prerequisite: Get RIPPED! Academy membership is only available to Get RIPPED! certified instructors

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